an artful invitation

A couple of weeks ago, my sister-in-law, Leigh, approached me with a project. For her wedding some years ago, a friend had painted a mini piece of art onto the wedding invitation and gave it back to Leigh as a wedding gift: a keepsake invitation that was framed and displayed. Leigh wanted to use this idea for a coworker friend who is getting married later this month, so she came to me with the idea since her craft isn't painting. I was up for the challenge. 

"What to paint?" - something summery. flowers. what kind of flowers? one flower? a cluster of flowers?
"What colors does the bride love?" - purple. and pink.
"What size?" - something small. something delicate. 
"What medium?" - oil? too heavy. acrylic? possibly. watercolor? depends on the paper. prismacolor pencils? hmmm.. sounds lovely. watercolor pencils? YES.

a pinkish purple hydrangea cluster that would float off of the invitation.

I went outside to take a look at Mom's beloved hydrangeas that the deer keep eating, picked a tiny bloom, and got to work. I love purple. It's such a great color. I used three different shades of it: lavender, rich purple, and a pinkish purple. For the leaf I used a medium shade of green with a dark hunter green. Also, a tiny bit of black was mixed in to darken up some areas. After the drawing was finished, I took a small paintbrush and lightly went over the drawing, blending the colors to look more like a painting. It should be framed with a rich darker purple matting, and I would choose a gold or bronze frame [or maybe high gloss off white]. 

I think that makes for a unique gift! 


ottoman empire

No, no, no .... not talking about the Turkish empire that was the center of interactions between the Eastern and Western worlds for six centuries, you history buffs. I'm talking about the ground that is getting covered by these classic pieces of furni. Unique styles of ottomans are trending, so don't be afraid to add some flair to a room with these props. From high gloss white, to traditional, to shoe storage, to rattan, to fabric patterned... I can't help but love 'em all. I have to say I am most intrigued by the Lilly Pulitzer Home shoe storage ottoman. I mean, what girl with a ridiculous shoe collection wouldn't want that? So efficient. See for yourself!

love. love. love. You otta get one.

P.S. Sorry I haven't been on top of my blog posting game, followers! Distractions, vacations, volunteering, and job searching stresses have gotten the better of me. I promise more posts very soon!