the most wonderful time of the year

The holiday season is here! Where did the year go? Not real sure. I do love it though when Christmas carols start coming on the radio (preferably the day after Thanksgiving). I also enjoy changing all lyrics to be about Dora and her antics. Most recently revised song to the tune of Silver Bells goes like this: "Dora Belllleeee. Dora Belllllleeee. It's Christmas time ..for the kitty!" She likes it. I also enjoy DIY yourself Christmas projects, decorations, and looking at all the beautiful pictures in holiday editions of magazines. Peacock feathers are very trendy mixed in with holiday decor this year. So are burlap and metallic birdies! Love a good gold bird. Here are a few of my finds this year via Veranda, Elle Decor, and Southern Living!

Take some time to share some encouragement and joy. Visit http://www.sharewithchildrens.org to send a holiday message to sick child who deserves more for Christmas than an illness. 


photoshooting 2

My niece, Maddie, was willing to be my model and let me take a few photos of her in some of my handmade girly hair accessories. She is so cute! I had to instruct her ... "Maddie, sit by the pumpkin please" "Ok, now hug the pumpkin" "Ok, now hug the pumpkin and look at me!" "Oh yeah, and smiiiiile!" Pictures turned out precious!


photoshooting 1

I wanted to show potential customers ways to wear my handmade accessories as they looked at things in my craft booth, so I had a few people help me out with photoshoots. Brittany modeled the bridal button pin since she's getting married ..on Saturday! It could be worn best at bridal showers, luncheons, or teas. The pin has a blingin' antique button from my grandma's era. I love it. I saved some of those to be incorporated in my future wedding dress. The polka dot pin is so classic and fun. Dress up a pashmina or black sweater. The necklace is made from camel colored leather and antique turquoise buttons. Those buttons were one of a kind. I actually sold this necklace at the festival, but could make others with different button beauties. The ring is gold wire wrapped with a green aventurine cut stone. I figured I'd try the black and white effect on my pictures to show off the items! Effective?


not "too baby" baby wreaths

Since tons of my friends are getting married and some having babies, I've been forced to think about such things as baby showers and getting older. {sometimes surreal} I came up with a couple of wreaths that may be used for such occasions or as a gift for the family when welcoming their little one to his or her new home. I incorporated a chalkboard frame so you can write whatever you want.. "It's a boy!" "Welcome baby" "Piper is here!" "Blessed" .. you get the idea. I like that these baby boutique wreaths don't necessarily HAVE to be used when celebrating a baby. The blue and pink aren't those typical baby colors, and there are no diapers involved, so it can have alternative uses. The boyish one has more masculine colors and materials like navy, cream, and tan felt, burlap, and twine. The girly one is so couture with pearls, feathers, and white and purple felt. 

On sale for $40. Soon to go on Etsy.

easter wreaths

If I could describe these grapevine wreaths in three words I would choose: classy, traditional, and spiritual. I named them the "Easter wreaths" because I used a decorative cross as the starting point. Although the cross shouldn't only be thought of at Easter but on every day of the year, it is an iconic symbol for the Easter season. If you're looking for something more spiritually meaningful than bunnies and eggs, one of these wreaths would be a lovely decoration for your home.

yarn wrapped wonders

Here are three examples of trendy yarn wrapped wreaths that I have done. They are so fun and bring a modern twist to the traditional wreath. The neutral colors in the first one are sophisticated and would have great contrast against a darker painted or stained door. The goldenrod yellow wreath will add a POP of color in the fall season, matching those beautiful leaves that are changing. The burnt orange wreath is decorated with navy and white felt rosettes.. definitely Auburn inspired. 

the cornucopian

Ladies and gentlemen, here he is ... the ultimate Thanksgiving welcomer, the big daddy of Autumn, 18" in diameter of pure wrapped jute, the wreaths to outlast all wreaths ... the cornnnuucoopiiann!!!  *crowd applause*  *cheers*

Haha, that was this wreath's boxing introduction. Or maybe wrestling. Or jousting via "A Knight's Tale" .. anyway, this guy took a long time to make but turned out beautifully. Heavy duty for sure, and the cornucopia details at the bottom make it the perfect decoration for the Thanksgiving season. 

On sale for $55. 


new kid on the block

Last Saturday was my first craft event where I set up a booth and sold my items for $$$. Let me paint the picture for you: Early morning. Boyfriend conned into helping. Cold. Windy. Fall Festival for the homeowners of a giant neighborhood in Newnan. Lots of stuff to set up. Forgot tent. Very windy. Windy enough that somebody else's tent blew over and hit a victim in the face. Mom brings tent. Things blowing around everywhere. Thank goodness for my friends, Vicki and Seth. Finish setting up. Mobile petting zoo? Inflatables. Rock climbing wall. 12 pm happens. Lots of kids. LOTS of little kids. Some craft booth activity. Wind dies down. Cotton candy. 3 pm happens. Birds of Prey showing... scary. 4 pm happens. Pack up stuff. Acquired a bad cold.

There was a lot going on that day. Selling your crafts isn't as easy as it sounds. But at least my booth looked pretty!

Newby to the booth scene, but I learned a lot!

tis a season

There is a season, event, holiday, or special day for a wreath, as far as I'm concerned. As I have been working on tons of different designs for the a'door'nments, I have really fallen in love with them. Each one is unique, and the possibilities are endless. I am going to post all of designs I have finished, starting with these two:

These grapevine wreaths are 14" in diameter and are on sale for $35. The added initial would be no extra charge. I am getting into the craft fair world, and after having one festival under my belt, it's not as easy as it may seem. These projects take time and careful design decision, not to mention accumulation of materials. Let me know if you are interested, or check my etsy store: http://sweetdorabelle.etsy.com I will be listing each wreath and am willing to do custom orders. Enjoy the designs as they are posted!