a collection of doors

Today's tune: Awake My Soul by Mumford and Sons.

While flipping through my Real Simple magazine, I came across the section "decorate your doorway." It has three front door examples and how to accompany them with the right outdoor accessories - "bringing polish to any style of house." Sprucing up your front door can be an easy makeover and can create better first impressions. I'm so glad I came across this article because it reminded me of some interesting pictures I took of doors while I was studying abroad in Italy. After having a bad week, looking through all these pictures made me happy. Every single door was unique with so much character. I thought I could one day get these pictures developed and hang them on a wall in a large series: a collection of doors. It would be like reliving my abroad experience every day. If I could only get my own place!!! I have so many ideas and can't wait to one day decorate my own house. Taking artistic themed pictures is a great way to create your own art on a wall. I like the organization of the series shots. Take a look at the treasures I found while exploring different parts of Italy...

Now, here's the Real Simple article guide that breaks down architectural door styles [modern, traditional, and cottage] and shows how to give off the best first impression when decorating your doorway.
Click here to see the article online.


  1. looks like Boss-man at the door! haha! but i LOVE the rustic styles! the brick arch around the door has to be my favorite.. did you take these photos?

  2. I thought so too! ha! Yeah, I took all of those when I was in Italy. I think my favorite is the green door in amongst the rock.

  3. it does look like boss man...hahahahah!!