lovely little jewels

To go along with the jewelry theme, here's Ryan Adam's Pearls on a String. Check out the new "listen here" Grooveshark widget to the left!

I made more examples of the rings I posted about in "shoulda put a ring on it" and even got as adventurous as moving on to bracelets and earrings! I'm keeping it simple with this continuous jewelry project: only wrapping, no tricky clasps or backings. On these bracelets, I used tiny glass beads in gold and seafoam. I've started collecting different kinds of bead chips also like amethyst, coral, and pearls. Round beads don't work as well on the rings, so I go for the natural and randomly cut stone pieces. I hope y'all enjoy looking at these lovely little jewels, and I will post more pictures as the project continues! 

How cute are those little paws?

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