not "too baby" baby wreaths

Since tons of my friends are getting married and some having babies, I've been forced to think about such things as baby showers and getting older. {sometimes surreal} I came up with a couple of wreaths that may be used for such occasions or as a gift for the family when welcoming their little one to his or her new home. I incorporated a chalkboard frame so you can write whatever you want.. "It's a boy!" "Welcome baby" "Piper is here!" "Blessed" .. you get the idea. I like that these baby boutique wreaths don't necessarily HAVE to be used when celebrating a baby. The blue and pink aren't those typical baby colors, and there are no diapers involved, so it can have alternative uses. The boyish one has more masculine colors and materials like navy, cream, and tan felt, burlap, and twine. The girly one is so couture with pearls, feathers, and white and purple felt. 

On sale for $40. Soon to go on Etsy.

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