good purch

Ok people.. well, lady readers.. I found it. The best [tiny] purchase of the month. A small bottle of metallic goodness to adorn your nails from China Glaze comes in the name of "Swing Baby" and is absolutely adorable. I searched Ulta for a light tan-purple color I was envisioning, but didn't quite find it. However, I came across this glamourous and fun color and decided to give it a shot. Now I love it! I want to wear it ALL YEAR LONG! Ok, well, that may get a little old, but I'll definitely tag it as my color of the season.

Another good purch I've had this month is a chain[ish] link bracelet by Simply Vera. I found it at Kohl's and liked how chunky and tough, yet fun and feminine it looked. I put it on and instantly pictured myself rockin' out on stage like Shakira. [-my friends are gonna love that one] But really, Kohl's is having major end of the season sales right now, so if you want some bargain buys, I would advise to check it out.

Funny how these little things can make a girl so happy.


  1. Well, aren't you cute. I could live in Ulta- I love everything in there!! Your blog is fun and flirty...? is that the word I'm looking for? ha! Love you!

  2. Thanks Ker! I like that you posted as Josh.

  3. Nothing, and I mean it, is better than the perfect nail color. Never underestimate it!