from dorm to norm

Bye-bye plastic container drawers that I've had since my dorm days, you've served me well; Hello beautiful finds from TJmax that make my gettin' pretty space look sophisticated and elegant [what should be norm!]. Let's face it-plastic jewelry/make-up drawers are efficient and keep things organized, but they are an eyesore. I would stare at mine thinking "there's GOT to be something else I can do here." Don't get me wrong, I used those things for 5.5 years. I recall the good ol' days in the dorm: primping before fratty band parties, having my friends say "is it just me, or do you have an abnormal amount of make-up," and organizing that make-up into it's respectable drawers. Good for 18 year old; Bad for [pushing 24] year old. I decided it was time to purge and got rid of all the old junk I will never use again. As for the rest...

necklace and ring perch
flower pot/decorative vase turned make-up container in a golden yellow mosaic
marble bathroom accessory holder turned jewelry holder
[you could also try a pretty, rectangular plate to put your jewels on]
...and all of this for under $20!

Maxxinista shopping at it's finest.


  1. Hello almost 24 year old! I love the perch, so cute

  2. you are so creative! love!! so, you need to come decorate our place! i need your eyes here!