shoulda put a ring on it

I know the obvious Beyonce jam is expected here, however I've been listening to Adele all day so I'm going to suggest Set Fire to the Rain from her new album.

Sorry if "shoulda put a ring on it" gets stuck in your head anyway.. oopsie!

I went to the little bead and jewelry making store, Perch, in Auburn last week. I made a fun ring as a b-day present to myself, but left there wondering what I could have done different to another one with other beads. I always do this. After I make something, I automatically edit it and envision other directions it could have gone. So I decided.. why not try to make some on my own! I got the necessary goods: thin gold jewelry wire and natural looking beads (this took me FOR.EV.ER! Perch has an awesome selection.. places around Newnan do not.) However, I ended up with some things I really liked! 
_Steps: 1. size 2. string 3. wrap. 
I have designed two rings so far.. maybe after more practice I can start taking orders! ;) These rings can be go-out dressy or every-day casual, especially depending on how simple or intricate I make them. 

..if you like it then, you should put a ring on it.


  1. how do you do it?? these rings look incredible!
    my ring size is 6.5 or 7 if you were wondering.

  2. I LOVE perch. it's the coolest place ever. Corey took me there for my birthday last year and helped me make earrings and a ring. The ring was a lot like yours!
    Very cute :)

  3. Good job Poke! I'm impressed.

  4. These turned out great Ev! I'm really impressed. I am now singing Beyonce. You are to blame.

  5. Those are sooo cute. Another thing for me to copy:)