a southern spring

A song about HOME - The House that Built Me by Miranda Lambert

There are some things that define the start of spring in the South that I always look forward to like, the bright white blossoms of the bradford pear tree and pretty pink cherry blossom petals. Then there are the things that I will not look forward to like, pollen allergies and dust in my contacts stirred up by the lawnmower. I guess it's the price we pay to observe some of God's beautiful spring creations. Whether lining the Dyer's driveway in my old neighborhood in Milledgeville, South Donahue Drive in Auburn, or randomly but perfectly placed in my Newnan neighborhood, bradford pear trees remind me of home. I spent a little while this afternoon photographing the blooming trees in our hood. And I got a few good pictures of the Toomer's Corner oaks while I was in Auburn yesterday. I hope to make some creative wall art out of these photos sometime. Enjoy.


  1. Nice, Ev. I usually don't take time to listen to the songs, but I did this time. Guess I have really been missing something on your awesome blogs. Sorry, I'll do better. Just a "little bit" (lot) proud of you. Love, Mom

  2. ok ev, im officially following ur blog now. i can get on board with the cherry trees but but bradford pears smell way too bad.

  3. Thanks mommy.

    Stew- I am so proud of you for being a follower. Yehhh .. the bradfords aren't the best smelling tree, I agree. But they're so pretty! Why don't you find me a lookalike that smells better to line my future home's driveway.