pink elephants

... hello? ... blog readers? ... are you still there? I know, I know, it's been a while. I'm sorry.. I've been distracted! But I'm BACK with a great post about the first baby shower I've ever helped to throw.. [and for a pretty special friend!] My soul sista, Amy, is preggo with her first baby - Piper Lynn - and we couldn't be more excited! Amy lives in Oklahoma and only had four days to visit home, so we had one big shower shindig! Between five hostesses, we were planning for around 50 people.. and that is exactly what we had. I was in charge of invitations, decor, and cookies. We themed the shower around pink baby elephants with a couple of giraffes thrown in there. I didn't want the shower to scream baby, but I wanted it to be sweet, charming, and classy. Through the colors of white, green, tan, and different shades of pink, I think it achieved just that. 

Project list:
postcard invitations
painted paper mache animals

painted picture frames with letters spelling PIPER
elephant shaped cookies with pink icing 

animal cracker in clear cylinders
floral arrangements
burlap table runner
mother-to-be pin

Everything turned out beautifully, even though the pressure to decorate and set up was intense [45 minutes- eek!]. The other hostesses brought delicious brunch foods such as mini muffins, fruit tarts, pigs in a blanket, and the best donut holes I have ever devoured. I will not tell you how many of those I had. I brought various sized vases and had arranged the flowers the night before.. the wee hours before! All of the decoration went well with the exposed interior brick and white shutters as a backdrop. I was very happy about the room where we had the shower. It came together, and Amy had a great time with family and friends.. so that's what mattered most. I can't wait to meet little Pippy!

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  1. Ev you did a fabulous job on the baby shower, so chabby chic... Thank you for all that you did.. .you are one creative girl and I'm so grateful to have you host the shower and put things together.... it turned out AMAZING!!! love you tons!!!!