special day button pins

While preparing for Amy's baby shower, I came across a new craft project I will dub "special day button pins." I wanted Amy to have a pretty pin to wear as the person of honor for the shower. However, I did not want the pin to scream baby. The baby will scream enough for itself beginning in November. I thought it should be sweet, boutique, and unique. I used a variety of fabrics, an antique button, a piece of felt for backing, and a pin. After making one, I wanted to see what other fabric combos would look shabby chic and what other occasions would need special day pins. Bridal showers, graduation parties, teas, college game days.. Shoot, why not any day you want to feel special?! They can be pinned onto shirts, dresses, coats, necklaces, pashminas, headbands, handbags.. a versatile accessory! 

They will soon be added to my etsy store. 
If you haven't checked it out, go to:


  1. loved my pin!!! and all your ideas are priceless!! :) so creative Ev!!!

  2. love the pins!! I'll ask grant to purchase one for me for my birthday, and we'll need one for our upcoming anniversary, too! :) Too cute!
    And i like how dora sneaks in the blog every now and then..

  3. 1- love the pins
    2- what is that fab nail color in the pic

  4. Amy- Thanks so much! You inspired this idea- special pin for a special friend!!

    Al- I'll go ahead and send Grant an invoice. Dora loves helping with my crafts and is very photogenic! She's just adorabelle.

    Keri- 1. Thanks girl! 2. OPI "You Don't Know Jacques" ..quality color.