have a berry good day

Looking for an a'door'nment that feels more festive for Fall? I have recently made a couple of these berry cute wreaths for a friend by substituting the green "new growth" buds with crimson berries! (Her husband is a Bama boy, so I'm sure he doesn't mind the color... considering I almost used orange berries!) This wreath will be able to easily transition from fall to the Christmas season. I love the idea of seasonal/holiday/MY BIRTHDAY wreaths. What a great way to welcome guests and pep up your home's facade! Stay tuned for more wreath experiments.

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  1. now i see!!! a berry wreath for christmas! ah, i need to make this, or you just come show me how! maybe over some hot cocoa or red wine, while the boys, eh, play video games? let's plan a crafty day!