odom wedding v1.0

A couple of weekends ago, I was given the opportunity to coordinate a wedding for a friend's special day. The theme was rustic-chic, and the venue was absolutely gorgeous. In Powder Springs, Georgia, the couple said their vows at The Phillips Farm under a giant oak tree and a setting sun. Amberly had all the decorations, table settings, food, and entertainment planned out. My job was to help make what she dreamed of become a reality on her precious day. With help from family and friends, we turned a barn into a dance floor, created an outdoor dining space, and left some room for a couple of "sweet" tables. Here's the set up for the rehearsal dinner. Wedding day pictures are coming soon!

The sophisticated ring bearer brought a fun energy to the ceremony! Congratulations Amberly and Landon!


  1. it was such a magical wedding! beautiful decor and gorgeous location!! everything looked so good!

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