a collection of doors

Today's tune: Awake My Soul by Mumford and Sons.

While flipping through my Real Simple magazine, I came across the section "decorate your doorway." It has three front door examples and how to accompany them with the right outdoor accessories - "bringing polish to any style of house." Sprucing up your front door can be an easy makeover and can create better first impressions. I'm so glad I came across this article because it reminded me of some interesting pictures I took of doors while I was studying abroad in Italy. After having a bad week, looking through all these pictures made me happy. Every single door was unique with so much character. I thought I could one day get these pictures developed and hang them on a wall in a large series: a collection of doors. It would be like reliving my abroad experience every day. If I could only get my own place!!! I have so many ideas and can't wait to one day decorate my own house. Taking artistic themed pictures is a great way to create your own art on a wall. I like the organization of the series shots. Take a look at the treasures I found while exploring different parts of Italy...

Now, here's the Real Simple article guide that breaks down architectural door styles [modern, traditional, and cottage] and shows how to give off the best first impression when decorating your doorway.
Click here to see the article online.


swimsuit season

Hello blogworld.. So sorry I've neglected dorabelle for this long. I was out of town on a little beach trip with some friends trying to acquire golden goddess status and doing other things, so I haven't gotten a chance to post anything. I hope everyone is enjoying the first few days of Spring! It feels like "swimsuit season" outside. Go take your allergy medicine, and stay tuned for another post this week!


shoulda put a ring on it

I know the obvious Beyonce jam is expected here, however I've been listening to Adele all day so I'm going to suggest Set Fire to the Rain from her new album.

Sorry if "shoulda put a ring on it" gets stuck in your head anyway.. oopsie!

I went to the little bead and jewelry making store, Perch, in Auburn last week. I made a fun ring as a b-day present to myself, but left there wondering what I could have done different to another one with other beads. I always do this. After I make something, I automatically edit it and envision other directions it could have gone. So I decided.. why not try to make some on my own! I got the necessary goods: thin gold jewelry wire and natural looking beads (this took me FOR.EV.ER! Perch has an awesome selection.. places around Newnan do not.) However, I ended up with some things I really liked! 
_Steps: 1. size 2. string 3. wrap. 
I have designed two rings so far.. maybe after more practice I can start taking orders! ;) These rings can be go-out dressy or every-day casual, especially depending on how simple or intricate I make them. 

..if you like it then, you should put a ring on it.


a southern spring

A song about HOME - The House that Built Me by Miranda Lambert

There are some things that define the start of spring in the South that I always look forward to like, the bright white blossoms of the bradford pear tree and pretty pink cherry blossom petals. Then there are the things that I will not look forward to like, pollen allergies and dust in my contacts stirred up by the lawnmower. I guess it's the price we pay to observe some of God's beautiful spring creations. Whether lining the Dyer's driveway in my old neighborhood in Milledgeville, South Donahue Drive in Auburn, or randomly but perfectly placed in my Newnan neighborhood, bradford pear trees remind me of home. I spent a little while this afternoon photographing the blooming trees in our hood. And I got a few good pictures of the Toomer's Corner oaks while I was in Auburn yesterday. I hope to make some creative wall art out of these photos sometime. Enjoy.