my first estate sale

An all time fave- Soulshine by The Allman Brothers

Our adventure began this morning with a trip to "the neighborhood" in Newnan to look through antiques, trinkets, old furniture, and other junk at my first estate sale excursion! Mom [the veteran] and I [the newby] entered into an older brick house that smelled of moth balls and old. It wasn't pleasant, but we scanned the house for any potential deals or objects we just had to have. Mom was disappointed about the lack of old tools while I found a charming ceramic elephant and an old chair. The elephant is one of those old objects that can become contemporary in the right setting. It has a signature and an old piece of paper with "Delphi, Greece" written on its underside. We assumed that it had been a souvenir from the couple's travels. I've always had a slight fascination with elephants. I won a Jack Hanna drawing contest when I was little by submitting a drawing of elephants. I was pretty proud of that. The next item up for bid was an old chair with the most heinous cushions I have ever encountered. The wood frame, however, was in strong shape and just needs some TLC. I can see it with a new coat of paint + high gloss finish and new, less stinky, more beautiful cushions! It sits slightly back in the perfect comfy, cozy lounge position. I'm excited about this DIY project. Stay tuned for the results!

I have a feeling I'll want to go to another estate sale soon... And I'll probably need to have my own show.. something like "American Pickers" meets "Devine Design."


lovely little jewels

To go along with the jewelry theme, here's Ryan Adam's Pearls on a String. Check out the new "listen here" Grooveshark widget to the left!

I made more examples of the rings I posted about in "shoulda put a ring on it" and even got as adventurous as moving on to bracelets and earrings! I'm keeping it simple with this continuous jewelry project: only wrapping, no tricky clasps or backings. On these bracelets, I used tiny glass beads in gold and seafoam. I've started collecting different kinds of bead chips also like amethyst, coral, and pearls. Round beads don't work as well on the rings, so I go for the natural and randomly cut stone pieces. I hope y'all enjoy looking at these lovely little jewels, and I will post more pictures as the project continues! 

How cute are those little paws?