a treat for the windows

..a little music to go along with my post..

As my newest obsession, Project Bedroom, continues to progress, I have finally created the backdrop my room [or Suite E, as I call it] has needed for years. I initially set out for a neutral palette of light tan and cream colored fabric. I had seen some curtains in Pier 1 Birmingham that I loved, but of course, couldn't find them or anything like them here. After days of searching for fabric or pre-made curtains, I was growing exhausted with this project.. until I remembered a little fabric store I frequently drove by but had never been inside to explore. Called "Fabritique", I knew something good should come of it. I found beautiful designs and was in fabric heaven. I ended up choosing a pastel teal and off-white floral pattern called "Napoli" and a lustrous cream colored fabric with a satin sheen. I thought the Napoli fabric would bring interest and a pop of color to my caramel frappacino colored room. After a little spat of debate, the seamstress [my roommate|mom] and I came to the conclusion to combine the fabric into 4 panels on each of the 2 windows in Suite E. The main window would have larger proportions in which the smaller window would mimic. The seamstress got to work at her sewing station, and I got to work on decorating! I found two frames on major sale at Michael's, a curtain rod adorned with a crystal ball on each end [glam], and an iron 4-hook decorative wall element. The rest, I recovered from my moving boxes [yes, there are still moving boxes from Auburn amid the house... denial]. Pillows still need some work.. this will be another blog for another day, but I love the fabric combo for the room, and thanks to the seamstress!

...not only for aesthetic appeal, but also keeps mr. sun from getting in the way of my beauty sleep. Perfect.


  1. Poor blanky won't serve any purpose now!

  2. Thanks, dear. Now to move on to the rest of the windows.

  3. Looks great! I love the comments on the pictures :).