goin' to the chapel

...or maybe my revised version: "goin' to the Sonnet House and .. Keri's gettin' ma-a-ar-ied." But for a more romantic song of the day [I guess this is starting to be my thing.. song + blog], I fell in love with a beautiful version of To Make You Feel My Love  that is by Mick McAuley & Winifred Horan. It's kind-of hard to mess this song up, but I think this is my favorite remake.

I was in a beautiful wedding in December, and I feel it necessary to show you followers [I'm working on coming up with a new name for this.. something similar to Gaga's "little monsters," but I haven't quite broken ground yet] a sample of the gorgeous engagement and wedding photos by scbphotography of Birmingham [under my blogalicious category]. I think it would be imperative to have a creative and trustworthy photographer for your wedding, and Camille did a wonderful job for Keri and Josh. They were all so great- and the clear blue sky and sunshine didn't hurt! Photos are a great way to portray and relive a meaningful experience, so choose an artistic photographer!

Congratulations Ker-bear!


  1. So glad you were there to share everything with me! Camille did an AMAZING job. I would like all photos blown it into some-kind-of-wallpaper-like-display all over the house- ha! Come back soooonn!

  2. you 2 are both so sweet. not sure how i came upon this but think it's such a sweet post! :)