How about some Ray Lamontagne - You Are the Best Thing for this blog about valentines and sweet homemade cards. Scroll down towards the bottom of the post. I finally found a gadget that will let me play youtube while reading. Perrrrrfect!

It's February [where did January go?] and the month of ... dun, dun, dun ... valentines. Now, believe me, I've NEVER been one to love Valentine's Day. I may have had two enjoyable Vdays since age 12 to now. As a small child, I'm sure it was fun. I liked making cards. But as I got older, I grew more bitter. I was either worried about how many more/less candy grams and carnations I would get than my friends at school, watching my pals flirt with their boyfriends who were A GRADE ABOVE US OHMYGOSH, or getting awkward presents from boys I didn't like. My friend and I went as far as to boycott the holiday my senior year in high school by wearing all black and listening to Metallica. This hatred even transitioned to college where I once had to go on what felt like a black ops secret mission in order to escape a valentine's date... It's a sensitive subject that I do NOT like to bring up unless absolutely necessary. I'm warming up to the idea of Valentine's Day.. but mostly because I have time to make precious cards for my little nieces and nephews [spoiler alert! Hunter] and for my friends too. And I was toying with the thought of making an awesome one for someoneeee ...however, he has filled my head with falsities about becoming a blog follower. So I might just have to wait that one out.

Anyway, whether you adore Vday or roll your eyes at it, you'll love these cute, personalized cards for the little ones. They still get cupcakes, those nasty little chalk heart things with the words on them, <3 heart shaped cookies [just craved Ryal's Bakery, yum], and strawberry shortcake/power ranger valentines.. why not add to the fun!? I did these on photoshop and indesign and printed them on cream colored blank cards that I had. Here's the finished products:

...roses are red
violets are blue
even though I'm usually bitter
these valentines are cute.


  1. Operation RIP Bandaid will always be one of my favorite memories. :) All my love sweet Evelyn.

    Will you send Hudson a Valentine's for me?

  2. I will eat a heart-shaped Ryal's Bakery cookie for you this year. Because I'm that sweet! Happy Valentine's Day, Evie! :)

  3. Kels- you should send him one. He would be on cloud 9.

    Becca- I am JEALOUS. but enjoy it :)

  4. I love the look of these cards! Very slick! Thanks for the spoiler alert :) - but you know I can't resist temptation and had to read on. The kiddos will love those - so cute. Also, great call on Ray Lamontagne - nothing says V-day better!!