pizza pizazz

..maybe a little Bob Marley- Stir It Up to accompany this little darlin' in the kitchen, perhaps?

I didn't do much of anything creative today. It was a dreary day in Georgia.. however, I DID create a pizza. I like to think that homemade pizzas are one of my specialties, and I love the beautiful colors that go into making them. So I documented the process [cheesey, I know   ..haha.] So here are the steps to making your own pizza that's full of pizazz:

*set oven to 425 degrees
1. cut up the veggies that you want to go on your pizza. they should almost fill up a medium sized bowl. [I used bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, ...and pineapple!]
2. cut up one chicken breast and saute the pieces in a skillet with evoo and minced garlic on low heat.
3. make the crust [either from a pizza kit or a package of mix- instructions on back]. put the crust in the oven for 3 minutes so it's more crisp. add either pizza [marinara] sauce or pesto + evoo as a thin base
4. after the chicken is cooked, throw in the bowl of veggies to soften them. stir all ingredients around for a few minutes. add salt, pepper, & italian seasoning
5. spread sauteed ingredients over pizza crust base and add cheese on top.[italian blend or mozarella]. put in the oven for 12-15 minutes
6. let cool, slice it up, and enjoy



  1. PIZZA PIZAZZ!!! Love it! I'm sure this was way better than the original pizza pizazz could cook up a tombstone! haha

  2. Soooo pizza pizazz always amazing, but I think I would like to read a blog about cooking chicken tenders in the microwave....overnight!