..off the floor, out the drawer..

..and on the wall! By the obvious pattern I've started by decorating with accessories, it's only logical that my next crafty project would involve an array of scarves!

- - today's tune: Sweet Disposition- The Temper Trap [scroll down to listen] - -

As Project Bedroom continues, my contemporary-traditional mix of decor grows strong. I found a cool fur pillow that I kindof wish I could wear, teal zebra fabric [originally a shower curtain], and a variety of pretty polyresin knobs used in my scarf rack. I caught the knobs on sale 50% off at HobLob. After what seemed like hours of debate on which ones to pick, i ended up with a fun and eclectic combo of the little jewels! I went shopping in our basement and found some wood scraps of a 2x4. I cut a piece down to 21 inches, drilled 6 holes equa-distance apart, sanded it, added hooks to the back, sprayed it with gold+white crackle spray paint, distressed it with a sandblock, and then finished it with a clear acrylic matte coat. Then I just arranged the knobs how i liked and twisted them into place, securing them with the washer and nut. Little Dora Belle wanted to help. If I'm EVER working on something, she makes herself known and likes to get in the way. But, I love how it turned out! It gets my pretty scarves that I have gotten from around the US and Europe off of the closet floor, out of the armoire drawer, and displayed beautifully on the wall!

I love all the colors on the wall! It filled that little space perfectly.
You could try this with other accessories [maybe seasonal] .. such as, bathing suits, long necklaces, cute cardigans, bags/purses. Who says you can't decorate with clothes and accessories? Not me.


  1. I totally need one of these for all my cardigans! {My bday is in June :) }

  2. Ummm....Dora takes after you.

    And, I love this. Such a good idea Miss Priss!

  3. I love it!! May make me one!!
    Love and miss you Poke!

  4. That looks so great! and the post was so cute... look at dodorodorodoroa! haha!

  5. evie im obsessed with your blog!!! i love the name and everything you say! bubbles :)

  6. Thanks friends!
    Laura- become a follower. bubbly mcbubbleton.

  7. Evie! I love your blog!! You are oh so very talented :) You can come decorate my house if you want.