someone's in the kitchen with dinah

I haven't thought about that little folk tune in a while, but doing a blog about contemporary-country kitchens has gotten it stuck in my head! I found a cover to the song by LiliAna Rose - a contemporary folk artist, on youtube. She has an amazing voice and a good pandora station!

I'm excited to post about beautiful kitchen interiors that I have found from my various magazines in the past month! I have fallen for "white on white." It just look so stinkin' clean in these pictures! If we were to try that, there would probably be dirty little paw prints all over the counters from a certain curious cat. What I also love about these kitchens are the lighting fixtures over the island/bar area. How cool are those lanterns?! Mom and I have been pondering over re-doing her kitchen. I think we're going to think Tuscan and revisit some of our pictures from Italy.. maybe include a travertine-esque backsplash and repaint the cabinets white, or [my vote- get new ones!] I'm also a fan of the different kitchen ingredients like sugar, rice, pasta noodles, etc. in the simple, clear containers. Little pops of color can do the trick in a white kitchen. Hope you enjoy some of these ideas! Let me know what you think! 

1. architectural digest: understated beauty
2. southern living: let there be white
3. house beautiful: fresh start
4. veranda: marsh magic
5. southern living: georgia idea house  [in senoia, ga - only 20 minutes from my house. i went, and it was a beaut]
6. southern living: in bloom

happy valentine's weekend!

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