stationery experiment v2.0

"She used to tie her hair up in ribbons and bows, sign her letters with x's and o's" - American Girl by Trisha Yearwood

If you can't tell, I'm into making cards and other paper goods. I enjoy designing things on the computer [like the valentines cards], but I also like to create personalized and unique postcards or notes from scratch with materials that I have. The beauty of this is that you can take a plain notecard or piece of cardstock and transform it in any way you want: as simple or as creative as you please.. and for cheap! Here, I made some sample notecards out of a bright colored mat stack I found at TJ Max for 3 bones, various ribbon scraps or $1 ribbon [weakness] from Michael's, leftover fabric from other projects, and buttons from grandma's sewing drawer. [I'm a sucker for buttons] They make each card unique and represent a little part of the past that I feel like I'm giving to my friends and family. I used a hole punch and super glue gel in this little project, but hot glue would also work. I plan on doing more of these stationery experiments. Get excited.

Happy card making! xoxo!


  1. Denise, your blog is very impressive. Time for you to consider ways to get your own advertising. Also, do you have a hit meter that counts every time your blog is viewed?

  2. i laughed literally out loud when I read the message on one of the sample notecards! I enjoyed our visit, come back soon!