strike a little posie

Sweet tune of the day: Strawberry Swing puts me in a good Spring mood. I realize it's not quite "Spring" yet.. but I'm ready to shake the cold winter blues. Plus, it's almost my birthday.. and I dislike when it's cold on my birthday. [hush up, amy and kiki]

After singing "ring around the rosie, pocket full of posies" for an hour last Saturday while jumping around in a moon bounce with my little 3 year-old niece, Maddie, I thought how neat it was that little rhymes and songs like that stick around for over 100 years.. and little kids still love them. And I, still love to make up my own lyrics to them. "ring around the rosie, strike a little posie. new shoes, new shoes. don't fall down!" Especially not in these cute new Madden Girl wedges I got at DSdub with my rewards points this week. I love floral and couldn't pass 'em up. They scream spring fun and I'm hoping to ward off the winter cold relapses in these prissies. Pink and turquoise are in this season, which makes me very happy. Here are a few things I have acquired somewhat-recently that are transitioning me into spring:

1. shoes by Madden Girl [Klenn]
2. scarf I got in Rome last summer
3. dress by Peppermint
4. sandals by Nine West
5. shirt by Lauren Conrad; pumps by J.Simp
6. hair accessory from outdoor stand in Rome [thanks, Amy]


  1. I adore the new wedges. Why can't your feet be a normal size 6 so we can share?

  2. Thanks. Um, a. size 6 is below the average shoe size. b. sharing shoes from al to ga would be difficult. xo

  3. ahh, LOVE both shoes!!! must. have. now!